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5月23日,The Battery Show Europe 2023在德国斯图加特展览中心顺利开幕。作为欧洲本土最大的新能源电池科技展,The Battery Show Europe涵盖最全的电池开发及应用领域,展示最新的电池技术。yl6809永利官网受邀参加本次世界级盛会,以设备沙盘的形势展示了锂电核心段装备解决方案,向全球客户展示了中国智造的无限魅力。




 目前yl6809永利官网产品已远销日韩、法国、德国、西班牙、美国、俄罗斯等地,成为支持多家著名车厂和锂电企业智能化进程的中坚力量。丰富的海外项目经验加持,也将成为yl6809永利官网更好服务海外客户的有力法宝,yl6809永利官网将与全球车企、动力电池企业共担绿色发展使命,共创 “0”碳未来。

The Battery Show Europe 2023 was successfully opened at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany on May 23rd, it’s the largest exhibition of new energy battery technology in Europe, which covers the most comprehensive battery development and application fields, showcasing the latest battery technology. Yinghe Technology was invited to participate in this world-class event, and showing with a sand table demonstration of the lithium-ion cell core equipments, and released infinite charm of China intelligent manufacturing to global customers.

As the first lithium-ion intelligent equipment list-company in China, Yinghe Technology accumulated 17 years industrial experiences, which led the cutting-edge of the industry technology innovation, it’s strong enough to attracted the top lithium-ion cell companies and car companies worldwide. Yinghe has provided over 19,000 devices to over 670 customers worldwide. As one of the first batch of Chinese intelligent equipment providers to go overseas, the core equipment solutions of lithium-ion cell exhibited by Yinghe this time attracted a large number of customers and a continuous stream of people for in-depth communication.

Yinghe is the first in the industry to launch and achieve mass production of ultra wide coating, pressing and slitting solutions, the fully using of automatic roll changing technology for 4680 cylindrical and prismatic power and laser winding equipment, a new generation of three-station cutting and stacking integrated machine, and a minimalist assembly line.

Serving the world and equipping the world. In order to better coordinate the rapid development of customers, Yinghe has established 8 subsidiary companies and 5 major manufacturing bases worldwide, with nearly 100 employees from its European subsidiary providing specialized services. At the same time, Yinghe has established a global multi-center localized service system, with nearly a hundred after-sales service outlets scattered around major customer sites around the world, providing full lifecycle management for equipment, and continuously providing customers with the best intelligent equipment solutions and the most agile local services.

At present, Yinghe products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Spain, the United States, Russia and other places. And with plenty of experience in overseas projects, Yinghe will also able to provide better service to overseas customers. Yinghe will share the green development mission with global car and power battery companies, and create a "0" carbon future together.