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此次项目的高效、顺利交付,不仅为双方进一步合作奠定扎实基础,更是yl6809永利官网国际化步伐坚实的一步! 面对新能源全球化的绿色浪潮,作为全球锂电装备核心力量,yl6809永利官网将不断提升产品质量和服务水平,为全球客户提供更具竞争力的智能装备及解决方案,为实现零碳未来注入绿色动能!

Recently, Yinghe Smart, a subsidiary of Yinghe Technology, successfully completed the acceptance of the first batch of winding equipment at Panasonic's Tokushima base in Japan. This acceptance achieved the fastest delivery speed in the industry in three months, from FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), equipment shipment to final acceptance, and received high recognition from customers. Facing the competition of expansion production in the TWh era, the rapid delivery of winding equipment from Yinghe Smart not only demonstrates Yinghe’s hard power of technical and service in the field of winding equipment, but also helps Panasonic accelerates in production expansion, which achieves global competition and surpassing again.

In the field of winding equipment, Yinghe Smart continues to break through multiple "Bottleneck" problems and achieves global leadership in technology. In the cooperation with Panasonic in Japan, Yinghe Smart fully utilizes the deep technical foundation of winding equipment, and finely controls each assembly link. Under the collaboration of the Yinghe Smart’s Project Team, guided by customers’ needs, Yinghe overcame various technical difficulties, successfully met customer’s high standards and requirements, and successfully completed the equipment acceptance of the first batch of Japanese Panasonic winding machine projects.

The efficient and smooth delivery of this project not only lays a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties, but also marks a solid step in the internationalization of Yinghe Technology! Faced with the globalized green wave of new energy, as the core force of global lithium battery equipment, Yinghe Technology will continuously improve product quality and service level, provide more competitive intelligent equipment and solutions for global customers, and inject green energy into achieving a zero carbon future!